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Accommodating hiv students

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It is critical that students with hearing loss NOT be assessed using recorded speech (CD, MP3, etc). Use intonation/inflections of speech to enhance speech understanding. Require a slower rate of speech which cannot be adjusted on CD. When hard of hearing students have to listen to recorded speech they are at an even greater disadvantage because they lose visual cues, vocal intonation/inflection as well as opportunities for repetition.The rationale behind this accommodation is that students with hearing loss: a. Additionally, the way speech is recorded is not optimal for students listening with hearing loss.The answer: with a lot of patience, creativity, and consistency.As a teacher, your role is to evaluate each child’s individual needs and strengths.

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Others require more time and investment, like building curriculum around personal narratives or incorporating identity-based responses into the study of texts.All of these factors create gaps that need to be “filled in” by the hard of hearing student which in turn increases the required listening effort relative to their peers.In addition, they need to achieve this through a damaged cochlea. It is and your hard of hearing student has to do this while still engaging in the retrieval of information, the processing of complex questioning as well as the stress of test-taking.Tended well, that initial spark can lead a person to all kinds of interesting places, particularly when the focus is disability.Below, Samantha and I present the work of one of the many students who fully embraced the "doing" of academic thinking and writing this past semester, who learned hand over fist in the process, and who taught their teachers much along the way.took the PSAT one year without accommodations, and then the following year with accommodations.