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Legislation mandating additional reductions

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The law provides that OPM's RIF regulations must give effect to four factors in releasing employees: An agency is required to use the RIF procedures when an employee is faced with separation or downgrading for a reason such as reorganization, lack of work, shortage of funds, insufficient personnel ceiling, or the exercise of certain reemployment or restoration rights.

The Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2017 directed the House Committees on Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce to develop legislation to reduce the deficit.

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Because the Joint Committee failed to achieve its goal, sequestration — a form of automatic cuts that apply largely across the board — is now scheduled to occur starting in January 2013 and to cover the period through 2021.

Part 1 of this report outlines how these across-the-board cuts will work in 2013.

That total consists of 3 billion in on-budget savings and billion in off-budget savings.

This year a lot of time was spent on Energy Issues.

Executive Summary Class size is one of the small number of variables in American K-12 education that are both thought to influence student learning and are subject to legislative action.

Starting in January at BOMA’s “New Legislator Lunch” in Sacramento which was attended by almost half of the newly elected Assemblymembers/Senators.

In April, we co-hosted a Legislative Meeting at which BOMA members were able to weigh in on industry positions on over 400 bills.