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I find women to be far more aggressive—and, sexually, far more aggressive—than men.Butts are definitely having a moment, and now science might actually have an answer to why we're all about that bass.This week, a super-PAC run by a former Mitt Romney operative released a commercial in which a series of women quote ugly comments about women attributed to Trump.

A curved angle of around 45 degrees was rated the most attractive and is also an optimum angle during pregnancy A 45-degree angle was optimal because it would have aided movement, yet would not have been so great so as to expose women to the back pain and risk of slipped discs that can come with excessive spinal curvature.The walls of the apartment fall away to reveal the dance floor of a nightclub. The giantess (referred to in the credits as "Buttzilla") blows bubbles that pop on the dance floor and release beautiful, large-butted women who begin dancing.The video from then starts to focus on three of the new women in two piece yellow outfits one in pigtails (who seems to be the leader), one in a ponytail, and one with short hair.Moreover, Trump’s attitude toward women has been a campaign issue—and it could become a major battlefront should he win the Republican presidential nomination.When Fox News host Megyn Kelly at a debate in August pressed Trump about his past derogatory remarks about women, he launched a feud against her and the conservative network.Here are other examples—so far unreported or not widely noticed—to add to the list: I find women to be much more aggressive than men.