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The attached clip shows just how hot she can get, though whether Jessica Alba failed to have the same influence with better VFX on ' Gale Ann Hurd, amongst others, and featured emerging 80s sex symbol Sybil Danning as the improbably named 'St.

Exmin', a roving warrior prone to thrills, suicidal missions and dares. Exmin is featured in two costumes in ; the strip-ribbed second outfit caused the actress some difficulty in taking a rest break, as she had to be sewn into it at the start of shooting, but it's the Nordic fantasy (pictured above) we first see St.

Also, most of the sources seemed to think TV and films were invented in the mid-nineties (even for the 'all-time' lists).

At this point the stories as to why the space-vixen outfit was ultimately nixed vary from source to source; some contend that Stanley Donen fought the exploitative costume, others that Farrah was not happy with it, as it had never been mentioned at the contract stage.

Societal standards of beauty are not only arbitrary but often literally impossible to achieve without Photoshop and make-up and there are assholes out there who feel empowered to mock fat people with impunity.

Maggie on the other hand gave me a big hug, pressing her body close to me 'Hi Dan, how are you? I haven't seen you for a while.' Before I could answer, she quickly introduced me to Lucy, whom I had met before, but then she was a little girl – now she was a 19 year old stunner – long blond hair, a great body with nice sized tits. art director John Barry, but filmed by Stanley Donen after Barry's death at the age of 43. So I invite our female readers (or any readers) to nominate their sexy male sci-fi costumes, and we'll put that list out too...My immediate thought as I smiled and said hello, was that I wouldn't mind fucking her.As the party got into the swing of things, people moved outside and started settling into a steady drinking pattern.As my parents friends started to arrive, I did the usual thing of being pleasant and polite and making small talk with people who I had known for years.