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Sony ericsson problems updating my c902 sony ericsson

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The ear piece of my SE C905 stopped working at the weekend.

It works whilst on speaker but not through the ear piece.

The all round blackness with flashes of silver and white give the C902 a minimalist look which makes a change from some of the bright colours I’ve seen recently.

Handset design isn’t always Sony Ericsson’s strong point, with tiny or awkward buttons sometimes the bête noire of its phones. The numberpad buttons are large, individually shaped and very easy to hit at speed.

The universal box is a good tool of choice, we at Fone Fun Shop use it all the time and have done for years.

It's difficult to keep up with what it can do and what costs credit etc.

UPDATED August 3rd 2010: This post has gotten a lot of attention in the last couple of years, with a lot of people asking why their phone or PDA doesn’t work.

Here are some more info from Mercedes and the bluetooth module.

We are in Cyber-shot territory with the C902; a quad-band 3G mobile with HSDPA.

My review sample came SIM-free from Expansys, but you can get it SIM free elsewhere too and it is available widely on contract.

Right from the outset I liked this phone, which manages to combine a no-nonsense attitude to design with some neat high end features.

So how many users on here own a C905 and have you experienced this problem?

Even if you are fortunate enough to have not, it may affect you soon as it is not known if it is a hardware or software fault.